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Martyrs live in our memories

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-09-03 08:44

While paying tribute to the historical facts of the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, the list will also grant China's youngsters new knowledge about China's spirit of perseverance that helped the nation survive.

Yang Dongliang, professor of history at Nankai University, Beijing News, Sept 2

The heroic deeds of these martyrs who gave their lives for the happiness of all, are fresh in our memory. By visiting the graves of martyrs, calling for the setting of a memorial date and propelling the publishing of a list of their names, Chinese citizens are demonstrating the common sense that is vital to maintaining society. That's of value to all Chinese people.

People's Daily, Sept 2

The list includes 96 martyrs of the Kuomintang and two Americans among others. This is of special significance. By paying tribute to all those who fought for the nation, regardless of their political beliefs or nationality, the Communist Party of China has shown it has given up its narrow thinking and is now putting the interests of the nation first. The move also marks a good start in recalling the historical memories of the nation as a whole, which will in turn help China's reunification efforts. We look forward to more such moves.

Zhou Pengan, Sohu blog, Sept 2

By listing the names of every martyr that can be identified, China has shown the world it values human lives, and cherishes the position people occupy in its national memory. Martyrs are a noble group, yet each of them has his or her own story and it is these stories that together form the history of the nation., Sept 2

It is a good move to publish a list of the names of martyrs, but almost all of those listed in the first group were officials with certain ranks. Tens of millions of Chinese people gave up their lives in the war against Japanese aggression, and both generals and ordinary soldiers deserve remembering. I hope their names can also be carved in people's hearts.

Baimeilaoweng, on micro blog, Sept 2

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