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Naked truth about 'naked officials'

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-07-24 08:01

With more "naked officials" moving their families and fortune overseas, China is not only losing huge amounts of money, but also facing the challenge of preventing foreigners from linking the country with corruption., July 23

A number of officials indulge in corruption to make extra money. So an effective way of curbing corruption is to prevent officials from easily laundering or transferring their ill-earned money abroad. Given the impact of the ongoing anti-corruption campaign, corrupt officials might accelerate the transfer of their dirty money overseas, making global coordination absolutely necessary to fight corruption.

Wang Yukai, professor of the Chinese Academy of Governance,, July 23

Sniffing out corrupt officials and closing the channels of transferring ill-earned money overseas would be an effective deterrence for corrupt officials, because they would realize that their illegal fortune is not safe anywhere.

He Zengke, professor and researcher at Central Compilation & Translation Bureau,, July 23

As part of the ongoing anti-corruption drive, we are devising more measures to hunt down corrupt officials who have fled overseas. It is important to let corrupt officials know they have nowhere to hide.

Han Yuexian, bureau director of Yunnan Provincial People's Procuratorate, Prosecutorial Daily, July 22

The increasing number of cases involving "naked officials" shows that they are indeed a high-risk group when it comes to corruption. By moving families and fortune overseas in advance, corrupt officials can flee the country as soon as they face investigation. Some cases of corruption also show that the exchange of power and money plays an important role in helping officials send their families abroad.

Fujian Daily, July 22

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