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No excuse for sexual harassment

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Editor's note: Many women wear clothes that some regard as provocative, and some people say such attire provokes sexual harassment – or assault - implying that the women are responsible. Our readers from around the world share their views. You are welcome to contribute your opinions.

The discussion in this online forum reflects solely the opinions and views of the author and does not necessarily reflect those of China Daily's editorial staff.

futsanglung (UK)

A woman does not deserve to get raped even if she chooses to go naked but what I do find annoying is the lady that wears skimpy clothes and then complains she gets stared at.

No excuse for sexual harassment

A woman writes on the body of another woman a message in Portuguese that reads: "My body, my rules," as they prepare for the "Slut Walk," in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Saturday, May 24, 2014. The annual march protested any form of sexual harassment. [Photo/IC]

No excuse for sexual harassment No excuse for sexual harassment No excuse for sexual harassment
What surprised you the most in China? Should Chinese care about "face"? Laowai, is the term offensive?

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