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A farmer's son is on the way to his dream (part 1)

By firstjeremy ( Updated: 2014-07-23 17:25

The size of one’s life stage depends on the capacity of his heart. The length of one’s life road lies in the height of his goal. Chinese dream,a dream gathered everyone’s ultimate goal can be regarded as a great dream. And I am also a part of it.

He was an ordinary boy who was born in a small village. In spite of the common life he had,he has never been neglected by his parents’ love.

He is the son of a farmer,and was raised up by this fertile land. His honest and simple parents taught him to be an unsophisticated boy. To be upright,sincere and brave. Even though he was the only son of this family,he was never spoiled. He gradually knew the true essence of being a man, distinguishing clearly between right and wrong.

He was independent when he was very young,like an old saying,“The children in a poor family mastered everything early,” cooking and washing, working in the fields. He was trying to help his parents by sharing the housework and farm work . Once, in order to provide a hot timely meal for his working parents,he broke the pot unintentionally and unexpectedly. He bowed his head to wait his parents’ scolding. However,his mother’s eyes were filled with tears and she gave him a smile in satisfaction when she saw his smoky face and dirty hands.

Like the others, he had his own dream. He often stood still and kept thinking of the fantastic life of the outside world. His grandfather told him the nearby road leads to Beijing,the capital city with colorful and incredible new things. From that time on, going out of this small village and seeing the unthinkable world became his final aim.

All happy families are similar, but each unhappy family faced its own bad luck. Unfortunately,bad luck came to this ordinary family. His father, who worked in a factory, had an accident and lost his left hand. How did this small family afford the high medical bills?Being unable to bear the cost of treatment, eventually led to disability.

The pain of the body, the burden of the family, his grey-haired father had to endure beyond the ordinary pain. In those days, he didn't know how to express his love to his father, did not know how to help his dad share the burden, what he could do was hide under his quilt and secretly cry at night.

Facing the difficulties,his mother had to take over the family burden both in housework and on the farm. He was totally heartbroken when he saw his mother 's galabias and turbans stained by the sweat and dirt of a long day’s work. One day he said to his mother in a determined voice, "Mom, I can earn money now and I want to drop out school.”“You must be a studious boy and study good. Our family will depend on you in the future.”

Suddenly he felt that he should be responsible for his family. While waiting for his father’s recovery that would ease the burden on his mother,he worked hard in class and sold snacks after school. He deeply knew that he surely would be successful as long as he keep trying and never stopped pursuing his dream.

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