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Romance and the single mom

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Editor's note: Life for a unmarried mother is never easy, especially when it comes to dating or marriage. Here, readers from around the world share their experiences and stories. Comments are always welcome.

walkinrain (China)

I'm a 35-year-old single mother raising a school aged daughter since she was 2. I find it so hard for most men to accept a woman with another man's kid. I have a peaceful mind and could enjoy life even if I am alone, but life would be more wonderful if I could share it with someone special. The fact is that it seems impossible for me to find someone who can love me and more importantly fully accept my daughter, who means a lot to me. Maybe only when my daughter goes to college and has her own life will it be the right time for me to start/ to find my own life.

Romance and the single mom

Romance and the single mom Romance and the single mom Romance and the single mom
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