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Allow vendors to peddle their ware

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-07-24 09:12

The other day, I saw chengguan (urban administrative officers) drive away vendors from a street and confiscate many of their belongings.

For ordinary workers like us, food vendors provide dinner at affordable prices. Without them, life becomes inconvenient. We can't afford to have dinner in restaurants every day. Besides, the vendors are just trying to make a living.

Keeping the streets clean is essential. But should it be done at the cost of denying vendors their livelihood? Can't we find a way to keep the streets clean and, at the same time, allow vendors to carry on their business?

Instead of driving the vendors away, why can't chengguan allow them to set up shops in certain demarcated areas? This will allow people like us to enjoy the convenient services provided by street vendors and enable city authorities to monitor their activities and the quality of the stuff they sell.

DA MA, via e-mail

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