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What I have learned by working in a bar for two months?

By cecilia颖 ( Updated: 2014-07-23 17:25

Beginning today, I ended my part-time work in Pain Qin, Xi’an. I not only have earned some money to travel, but also learned some lessons.

First, all the bar attendants here are very friendly to me. They taught me a lot about beer, wine, and cocktails and other skills. I know what I learned here is far from (Note: I think this is what you mean) enough, but at least this world of drinking is familiar to me now. I will have easy access to learning this later. I do want to learn more.

Second, the spirit of team work here is quite strong. Everyone is part of a group. Sometimes people would say their work colleagues might find fault with them.(Note: I took out “purposely and secretly because they don’t make sense here) But here everything is different. Maybe it is because despite (Note: I think this is word you want here but make sure) the loud music and dazzling lights, we bar attendants are only the ones who have clear minds in such an environment. I enjoy my life here, this is the main reason.

Third, life here taught me a lesson---I should be confident as much as I can. I am not that confident always, because I don’t think I have good looks. My competence is not the best, but I see girls in the bar, they are beautiful under their makeup. But what makes them beautiful is their confidence around men. My best friend here told me every girl is an angel. Yes, I never really took make up seriously or made myself look lovely. But I do want to. It is really time for me to change, at least for myself.

Fourth, I work here, write blogs (just to express the voice from my inner mind), draw pictures, watch “ONE PIECE”, as such. Sometimes, work was really hard, but I enjoyed the life because I was doing what I like.

Thanks for the life here. Next step, traveling!

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