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Memories of the college entrance examination result announcement

By RitaY ( Updated: 2014-06-25 15:02

Today is a turning point for many students around the country because this morning they will be able to check the results of the college entrance examination (gaokao in Chinese). All family members of students who receive a high grade and top ranking will likely be excited and immediately spread the good news around the neighborhood. However, families of students who did not perform well in the gaokao will be sad and silent – and afraid of meeting acquaintances on the street.

In the past, the old saying that “one examination determines the destiny”certainly reflected reality for young people who wanted to escape poverty by going to college in the city and finding a good job after graduation. However, in contemporary China, things have changed and society is becoming increasingly open and diversified, providing more opportunities for people to achieve their dreams.

Two years ago, I also received my grade on this day. Before 11am - when the result was announced on the website showing the results of the exam - I was extremely anxious and paced around my home. I did not even dare to click the mouse so that I could access the website. Instead, my father and aunt helped me accomplish this challenging task, and they informed me of the result by yelling across the apartment.

When I heard them clapping and congratulating me, I rushed to the computer and burst out crying immediately after glancing at my grade and ranking. To tell the truth, I never anticipated I could get that high grade because I was not satisfied with my performance in the gaokao.

At that moment, another aunt called me to ask about the result, and she tried to calm me as she did not understand that I was crying due to my excitement and amazement. The excellent grade which exceeded my expectation allowed me to leave for Beijing and embark on a new chapter in my life as a college student.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this year I am less anxious when I read news concerning gaokao. On the social network Renren, one album titled “these things will have nothing to do with us one day” became a great hit. It shows various stages of the gaokao process, such as saying goodbye to parents at the school gate. It may be true that as time goes by we will have less emotions about these two days which determine our life to some extent and, in the end, all memories regarding this exam will fade away.

But we must always remember that determination and persistence can help us realize our dreams. Whatever our circumstances, we can figure out what we really want - and chase it. Even if we face many obstacles on the road, we can make it as long as we have confidence in ourselves and prepare well - just like what we do before the gaokao.

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