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I love Chinglish!

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Editor's note: Chinglish can be found in different places in China and is sometimes quite funny. Here our forum readers share their opinions on Chinglish. What's the funniest English translation you've ever seen? Which parts of Chinglish do you like best? Feel free to leave your comments.

The opinions expressed on the forum trends belong solely to our readers and do not necessarily reflect those of China Daily website.

Jodie (US)

I love Chinglish. It makes me smile and often it makes me think "How beautiful." Most of the time, it's harmless. And personally I think that "Tender, fragrant grass. How hard-hearted to trample" is a lot better than "Keep off the grass." "Keep off the grass" sounds crude in comparison.

I love Chinglish!

I love Chinglish! I love Chinglish! I love Chinglish!
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