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There is no right way or wrong way to use a smart phone

By TROFHY ( Updated: 2014-06-25 15:02

If you see a group of weirdos wandering on the street with their heads down, don’t panic - it's not a zombie apocalypse. They're just people obsessed with their smart phones.

Undeniably, the little device in your pocket makes a big difference. Life couldn't be easier. It wakes you up in the morning, keeps you entertained whenever you feel bored, helps you be more efficient at work and brings the world closer to you. In the information age, the little device keeps you updated so that you don't fall behind. And as the technology continues to advance, all the impossibles are becoming possible.

I think the most precious thing that smart phones offer is probably a sense of belonging. People nowadays feel lonely. Most people we call friends are not truly friends. Only your phone always keeps you company - unless it's out of juice.

However, the companionship, friendship, community created by the smart phone are all illusions. You may have hundreds of contacts in your phone and hundreds of friends on Facebook. Yet none of them really know you. A happy life is not posting a photo on Instagram with a #Happylife but feeling happy in the real world.

Smart phones cannot allow you to create a “perfect” life – but they cannot ruin your life completely. The wonderful world of the smart phone that Steve Jobs imagined is just a fantasy in his Reality Distortion Field. And the happy life without smart phones described by critics only exists in Utopia. Whether you have a smart phone or not, you still have problems in your life.

There's no completely right way or completely wrong way to use a smart phone. There's only a question of when is it right and when is it wrong to use it. I barely use my phone in the classes I like. I am too absorbed to be distracted by other stuff. But when it comes to the classes I don't like, I would rather check out what's new on Weibo or read some news, rather than torture my ears. And that's how I heard about this blogging competition.

Smart people should embrace new technologies and know how to utilize them properly.

A smart phone is a smart tool when used by smart people. Dumb people are dumb anyway.

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