China makes me smile less

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Editor's note: Living in a foreign country can be exciting, but it also has huge impacts on your life. In fact, you will probably never be the same or see things the same way again. Most of the changes occur subconsciously and you won't even realize them until you go back to your home country. One of our bloggers from the US, who goes by the online tag of jiewei798, reflected on the changes that have come from living in China.

Anyone who has experienced similar changes, or who China has changed for better or worse, is welcome to join in the discussions.

1. Dress more conservatively

Chinese students dress much more conservatively than American students. I learned that you can look cute and fashionable without being provocative. When it is hot, I still like to wear tank-tops and shorts, but I do feel a little uncomfortable with showing so much skin.

China makes me smile less

China makes me smile less China makes me smile less China makes me smile less
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