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Seven false stereotypes about the Chinese

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Editor's note: Grace Jacobsen,our blogger from the United States, offers her version of incorrect Chinese stereotypes. Welcome to join our forum for discussions.

Grace Jacobsen (US)

Despite the fact that I spent a good deal of time growing up in Asia, I still had some preconceived notions about China before moving here. I would like to blame Chinatowns, Mulan and the media for my terrible stereotypes. In reality I can only blame myself for not having bothered to learn before now. After a year of living in good, ol’ Beijing, I thought I would share with you my now debunked stereotypes.

1. Chinese people are only good at math and science

I am almost 100 percent sure that every movie/TV show ever made has had a nerd played by an Asian kid. I’m also fairly certain that every foreign exchange student from Asia who went to my high school was a genius. Everyone just knows Chinese kids are good at math and science. I am aware that we are also taught that Chinese education does not allow for free thought and creative thinking.

After working in the education system of Beijing for the past year, I can tell you it is not that black and white. I have so many students who love art, theater and music. One in particular, is always sketching and I love it. I have students who hate math and science. They and I bemoan their terrible math homework together. Please don’t assume that just because they are Chinese they are all forced to be alike. They are individuals.

Seven false stereotypes about the Chinese

Seven false stereotypes about the Chinese  Seven false stereotypes about the Chinese Seven false stereotypes about the Chinese
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