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S. Sudan needs global help

Updated: 2014-01-15 07:38
( China Daily)

Chinese diplomats have frequently taken part in negotiations to resolve burning regional and global issues because China is committed to shouldering more international responsibilities and protecting its interests, said an opinion article in People's Daily on Monday.

South Sudan has been caught in the web of violence, which has claimed many lives and displaced a huge number of people. And given that Chinese enterprises have invested heavily in South Sudan, the international community is looking at China to help end the crisis there. Some foreign media outlets have even said resolving the South Sudan crisis is a test for China's diplomacy.

The situation in South Sudan is complicated, because it faces many problems such as tribal feuds and resource capitalization. True, the crisis is likely to harm the interests of Chinese enterprises, but Chinese interests in South Sudan are not the concern of China alone. The international community, too, has to play an important role in resolving the crisis and restoring stability and development in the country.

In an effort to broker a ceasefire, Foreign Minister Wang Yi separately met South Sudan's government representatives and rebel leaders during his visit to Ethiopia last week and urged them to resolve their differences through talks. Since the representatives of both sides see China as a true friend of South Sudan, they pledged to protect Chinese people and property in the country.

Chinese investment in Africa has increased rapidly over the past 10 years. But in helping develop Africa, China is facing challenges because of the continent's internal problems. That's why it has chosen the road of win-win cooperation to create more opportunities for the continent. China also intends to create favorable conditions for African countries to develop their economies and politically resolve their conflicts.

China will take a more active part and play a greater constructive role in international affairs. With the convergence of interests between China and other countries, it will push harder for peaceful resolutions to crises like the one in South Sudan.

But when issues cannot be resolved the traditional way, it is important that other, but peaceful, ways are explored to deal with them. China will continue to play an active role in the international community's search for a new road map for resolving burning regional and global issues and thus contribute to world peace and development.