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The most exciting and challenging times for modern China

Updated: 2012-11-01 13:49
By Lee Hannon (

The most exciting and challenging times for modern China

We are without doubt entering one of the most exciting and challenging times for modern China.

Notwithstanding the nation’s meteoric economic rise, its long rich past, successful space program and world-beating Olympic Games, China is about to enter the next significant chapter of its history.

Living and working in Beijing for the past three years has given me a front row seat to history in the making and I feel it an honor and a privilege to share these exciting times with my Chinese friends.

Having worked as a journalist around the world for 20 years, China is the most captivating and intriguing place I have ever had the pleasure to discover. It is a land of stark contrasts, charming people and fascinating culture.

In just 34 months I have visited 14 provinces, 36 cities – from sprawling metropolises to tiny villages where the mere sight of a foreigner draws a curious smile from locals – and I feel there is still a huge amount to discover and my journey has just begun.

Each day I learn something new and my perception and knowledge is constantly challenged in this fast-paced environment that once again dominates the world agenda.

And nothing could be more stimulating for someone with a zest for life and a thrill for adventure. China is a major player in the world’s story right now and it is a wonderful time to pause, reflect, and feel proud to be part of that.