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Int'l relations lessons from Iran nuclear issue agreement

Updated: 2013-11-26 19:46
By Li Yang (

China will make unswerving efforts to let the concepts of peace, development, cooperation and win-win play more important roles in the construction of new orders in the framework of international relations, says an article of the People’s Daily. Excerpt:

From the progress of the Syria chemical weapons disposal to the formation of an agreement on the Iran nuclear issue, international relations seem to be demonstrating a noteworthy trend. One that offers China the chance to find the time and place to play a bigger role in promoting changes in future international orders.

The breakthroughs in the difficult issues concerning Syria and Iran indicate that international politics are entering a transmitting period, featuring new coordination. Though it is not yet clear if the military interventions and forced sanctions are outdated, there is new room for coordination and political solutions.

After the Cold War, the hegemony-based stability theory is increasingly challenged by the cooperation-based stability practices of the post-hegemony era. It does not mean the world will be free from interest conflicts, but coordination and cooperation are better choices than hegemony.

The agreement on the Iran nuclear issue is a result of Iran and the United States’ changing demands as well as the mediation of China and the other countries.

In the past 10 years, China has always made persistent efforts to let the relevant parties come to the negotiation table. The rise of China’s national power is the foundation for China’s bigger contribution to the political solution of these knotty international issues.

It has always been China’s constant stance to be neutral and active in promoting peace through dialogues, which is also in line with China’s target of building a new international relations model.