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Teachers deserve more than our thanks

Updated: 2013-09-09 18:45

More important than changing Teachers' Day from Sept 10 to Sept 28 (the birthday of Confucius), is to improve their income and bring to an end the unhealthy tendency of bribing teachers for preferential treatment in city schools, said an article in Beijing Times (excerpts below).

The State Council is gauging public opinion on changing Teachers' Day. More than 60 percent of respondents have so far been in favor as the new date highlights Chinese traditions of respecting teachers.

But it is more urgent to tackle the difficulties teachers face.

They deserve better living and working conditions and higher salaries in both rural and urban areas.

In city schools, students and parents give gifts on Teachers' Day. This is usually as a mark of gratitude but it can be taken as an inducement for preferential treatment.

Teachers' Day was set up in 1985 to honor the role they play in society.

Changing the date means not just the chance of an extended holiday (it can easily stretch into the National Day holiday), but also remind society of the incredible work that teachers do.