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Abe's fault approach to China

Updated: 2013-07-09 20:56

This year marks the 41st anniversary of the normalization of Sino-Japanese relations. Leaders from both countries should demonstrate the same strong sense of responsibility as the previous generation of statesmen in the 1970s who propelled bilateral ties, overcoming difficulties and moving ahead, said an editorial in People's Daily (excerpts below):

Shinzo Abe smeared China's national image with the Diaoyu Islands and South China Sea issues in his speech on Sunday. A number of his irresponsible opinions, including his pride in Japan’s recent history and his calls for "value diplomacy", let the world see how confused the Japanese leaders are and how difficult it is for Sino-Japanese ties to evolve.

China firmly defends its national interests and sovereignty with all possible means in the framework of international laws and conventions.

China's restraint in its relationship with Japan does not mean China will compromise on the issues of sovereignty and national interests. China will never tolerate any other country's provocation on these issues.

However, China would like to maintain good relations with all neighboring countries and solve conflicts through dialogue. China values regional stability and a peaceful environment for development, which is good for the whole region.

If Abe continues to take false approaches to bilateral ties with China, he will not see the current cool relations thaw. Reflecting on Japan's recent history is the first step that Japanese leaders must take to understand China's policies and attitudes toward Japan.