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China's economic growth benefits the world

( Updated: 2012-12-21 21:37

The recently concluded Central Economic Work Conference shows the new leadership of the Communist Party of China's strong sense of responsibility. China is injecting positive energy into the world's economic recovery, said an article from the Beijing News Daily.

As the United States, Europe and Japan are all plagued by financial difficulties, with a debt crisis and stagnant economies, China's performance, as the world's second largest economy, will be for vital importance to the whole world.   

China is trying its best to stimulate domestic demand and consumption in a depressed international market. China has long relied on exports and investment to drive its economy, but this model depends heavily on the foreign market.

As the nation transforms its economic growth model, it should make good use of its huge population and turn it into real consumers. That is why the economic conference has set urbanization as a main driver of economic growth.

The Chinese market and strong domestic demand will necessarily stimulate the nation's imports, not only raw materials, but also more consumer goods and services. This demand will provide Western countries and emerging markets with more jobs and vitality.

China's neighbouring countries, such as the Southeast Asian nations, will benefit more from China's future development. This has gradually become a consensus of an increasing number of foreigners.

In an era of globalization, China has become a community with the rest of the world. That China respects economic development discipline, pursues sustainable development, and welcomes the world in sharing the dividends of its development demonstrates a big country's due sense of responsibility.

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