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My 30 Years with Lang Lang

Updated: 2012-09-04 15:13
( China Daily)

My 30 Years with Lang Lang (Modern Press)

My 30 Years with Lang Lang

Young and world-renowned pianist Lang Lang has won hearts globally with his skills. But little is known of his father, Lang Guoren, who played a big role in making what Lang Lang is today.

Lang Guoren quit his job as a policeman in Liaoning province to accompany his son to pursue a professional music career in Beijing.

To mark Lang Lang's 30th birthday, Lang Guoren has written a book, titled My 30 Years with Lang Lang, as a gift and a record of their years together in producing a music legend.

"I'm lucky to have a great father like him," said Lang Lang, in tears, at the Beijing International Book Fair where the book was launched. "To me, his book is a grand and complicated melody," he added.

The book, with 100 family photos, is not only a vivid story of love and success, but also covers the pianist's interaction with world personalities, such as Prince Charles and US President Barack Obama.

The publisher hopes the book will inspire and provide insights to parents who face challenges raising and educating their children.

British literary agent Toby Eady, touched by Lang Lang's performances and story, intends to represent the book to more readers outside China.

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