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Rock stars rise again

Updated: 2013-08-02 09:38
By Chen Nan (China Daily)
Rock stars rise again

They are legends of Chinese rock 'n' roll, and their first album in nine years boasts a new singer and a new energy. Members of Black Panther tell Chen Nan why they just can't stop rockin' out.

Coming back from rock-star oblivion is not easy, especially for a band who defined an era before having a revolving door of lead vocalists and releasing several poorly received albums.

Black Panther, one of the most influential rock bands in China, has discovered a new singer, their 10th lead vocalist in 25 years, and released a new album following a nine-year hiatus.

They resurrected the band's sleek and powerful sound for a packed room in Beijing recently, performing 10 tracks from their new album, Who We Are.

The band claims the new album is a sign Black Panther lives on. The title of the album is to remind their fans of their status as rock legends.

"This will definitely be an interesting time for the band. While making this album, we've realized that Black Panther is 25 years old. We have put new material into this album while maintaining our pop-rock style. We're really excited about it," says one of the founding members, guitarist Li Tong, 49.

Answering media questions after the show, the band was bombarded with queries about their new lead vocalist, 32-year-old Zhang Qi. Li simply responded: "We have found the right voice for Black Panther and we believe he is different from any vocalist we have had before."

Will this new vocalist represent a new chapter for Black Panther?


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