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'Gangnam Style' in line for UK dictionary inclusion

Updated: 2012-12-21 10:20

'Gangnam Style' in line for UK dictionary inclusion

South Korean rapper Psy performs the Gangnam Style during a free concert at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore December 1, 2012. [Photo/Agencies]

He has the most-watched video in Youtube history, become a pop sensation with a horse-riding dance craze that has swept the world and now Korean singer Psy may cement his place in popular culture with recognition from a British dictionary.

"Gangnam Style," Psy's signature song, has been chosen along with "fiscal cliff" and "Romneyshambles" as some of Collins Dictionary's words of the year.

'Gangnam Style' in line for UK dictionary inclusion
'Gangnam Style' becomes YouTube's most viewed

"We were looking for words that told the story of the year," said Ian Brookes, the dictionary's consultant editor.

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"Some words are from events that have been and gone and so are not likely to stick around ... but others are probably here to stay."

Other headline entries centered on American politics.

"Fiscal cliff" has drawn a lot of attention as the deadline for Congress and President Obama to agree on government spending and tax plans draws nearer.

While the term "Romneyshambles" entered the British public's consciousness after Mitt Romney's gaffe-ridden visit to London in July in which he questioned Britain's readiness to host the Olympics.

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