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New movie to touch upon surrogacy

Updated: 2012-07-10 14:17
By Liu Xiangrui (

The first Chinese movie that looks at surrogate motherhood — Be A Mother — premiered in Beijing on Sunday.

The movie, which stars Hong Kong-based actor Alex Fong and mainland actresses Qin Lan and Wang Fei, looks at social issues like marital relationship in the modern city, as well as love, family ethics and responsibility. It also looks at the sensitive topic of giving birth to children in an unusual way.

Using details from a true story, the movie looks at a rich couple who find a surrogate mother because the wife couldn’t have children. But the surrogate, who took the offer because she desperately needed money, developed a deep connection with the newborn.

The wife, a reporter, finally learns to understand the power of true maternal love while working in earthquake relief, and decided to adopt an orphan she had met. Both women’s lives then changed dramatically.

According to screenwriter Wang Haiping, the film is based on a true story of his friend. He wants to discuss the marriage, values and life philosophy of Chinese people today through surrogacy, adoption and other topics related to offspring.

“This movie tells about parental love and marital love,” Wang said during the premier.

He added that he wanted to show that “people’s instinct of love cannot be changed by modern technology and the environment. Sociality is what differ human beings from other animals.”

The movie, which is co-produced by Huaxia Film Distribution Co and New Film Association, will be in cinemas on July 17.

Meanwhile, the movie has entered the competition section of this year’s Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival.