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TV drama shows truths of blind lives

Updated: 2011-12-21 15:47
(China Daily)

Chinese director Kang Honglei will direct the new TV drama Seeing Without Looking, adapted from Bi Feiyu's novel Massage, which won this year's Mao Dun Literature Prize.

Massage is one of the first Chinese novels to focus on the lives of blind people. It has aroused interest from both critics and readers with its depiction of a group of blind masseurs' lives.

Kang told a recent seminar about the novel and TV adaptation that he and scriptwriter Chen Ping would try to present the innermost world of blind people, which is little known by others.

It is the second time for Kang, Chen and Bi to work together on a TV drama, after The Moon Opera (Qing Yi). Seeing Without Looking will start shooting in March 2012. It's produced by Beijing Heguchuan TV & Film Co.