More catfights in new season of 'Jersey Shore'

2011-01-06 10:17
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More catfights in new season of 'Jersey Shore'

PASADENA, California  - "Jersey Shore" executive producer Sally Ann Salsano is a tough Long Island chick that has much in common with her infamous characters. She pulls no punches and tells no white lies.

But she admits she's slightly apprehensive about the show's third season premiere Thursday night on MTV.

"I always get a little nervous," she tells The Hollywood Reporter. "Once you start drinking your own Kool-Aid you're in trouble."

So she was relieved to see what the "Jersey Shore" production team had in the can for season three.

"I saw it and I said, we're ready to go," Salsano said.

Indeed, one of the highlights of season three - which is back in Seaside Heights - will apparently be Snooki getting arrested after a drunken scene at the beach.

Salsano also promised cat-fighting to rival last season's Sammi/JWOWW knock down and more drama between oft broken up lovers Sammi and Ronnie.

But the pressure is nevertheless on as MTV begins to milk the "Jersey Shore" franchise, recently announcing the first official spinoff with Pauly D. And the show is coming off a second season of record ratings that saw it become TV's No. 1 show among young viewers (12-34) last summer.

For her part, Salsano is raring to go on season four, which is likely to return to Miami. But with cast negotiations ongoing, production has yet to commence.

But Salsanso may found the next Snooki, or at least a Sammi or a JWOWW. Katie Cazorla is the proprietor of her own Hollywood nail salon and the star of Salsano's newest series, "The Nail Files" for TV Guide Network. Like the "Jersey Shore" housemates, Cazorla is verbally uninhibited.

"She's going to say what she feels and she's not going to apologize about it later," says Salsano.

Indeed, Cazorla along with her boyfriend (and underwriter), 52-year-old music producer Walter Afanasieff, teamed up for a lively lunch Q&A with reporters here for the Television Critics Association.

Cazorla implied that she was the author of the profane manicure worn by Lindsay Lohan during the actresses court appearance last summer. And she's not afraid to tell celebrities who frequent her shop, The Painted Nail, that they need work.

"It doesn't matter if you're a celebrity," asserted Cazorla. "If your nails are jacked up, I'm going to tell you."