Edison Chen back to spotlight with new film

Updated: 2008-04-03 11:47

Edison Chen (L) and Hong Kong actress Hsu Chi [File Photo: gb.cri.cn]

Hong Kong singer-actor Edison Chen, the focus of the celebrity nude photo controversy, will come back to the spotlight to cooperate with Hong Kong actress Hsu Chi in shooting a romance movie invested by an American independent film studio.

The agent companies of the two stars have confirmed the news, and said the investor doesn't care about Edison's photo incident, and thought his privacy has little connection with his acting career. So they contacted Edison in the first place, for they thought he is the most suitable actor to visualize the character described in the script.

The agent company also disclosed that Chen is going to start shooting this summer. Meanwhile, there are also some other western film producers who have expressed their wishes to cooperate with Edison.

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