Steamy Keira Knightley scene axed

2007-06-05 17:18
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Washington - A steamy scene of Keira Knightley in her upcoming film 'Atonement' has been axed.

The sequence features the posterior of the Pirates Of The Caribbean star. It was dropped because the producers found it a bit "too rude".

However, the producers have retained another hot scene in the movie wherein Knightley strips off her blouse and skirt, plunges into the water, and re-emerges soaking wet in a slip.

"There is an important scene with James McAvoy (her co-star) where she dives into a deep fountain to retrieve a broken vase. Keira emerges from the water and stands on the fountain edge. It was her idea to stand there for so long - but I quite liked it," Contactmusic quoted Director Joe Wright as saying.

"There was another shot of her from behind but we left it out as it seemed a bit too rude," he added.