Carmen Electra finds British men 'really hot'

2007-03-06 09:40
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Carmen Electra finds British men 'really hot'

London, March 5: 'Baywatch' babe Carmen Electra has a thing for British men whom she considers to be gentlemen.

She loves the UK so much that everything that is British remains on top of her preference list.

"I think British guys are really hot. It's the accent and they're such gentlemen," News of the World quoted her as saying, while she was filming I Want Candy with comedian Jimmy Carr.

"I just love the UK. In the States we think everything that is British is better—the music, the fashion," she said.

But above all, it is the lingerie that leaves Electra's heart pounding the most.

"I love your lingerie. I have a lingerie fetish—I love it," she said.

She plays a porn star who falls for a 20-year-old Briton in the movie, and she prepared herself for this character by dressing up in kinky outfits and watching porn films at home.

Carmen, who became single again after divorcing rocker Dave Navarro last month, is confident that she will not be alone for long. She has even brought out a striptease DVD to show women her tricks.

"I get a lot of guys who have bought my aerobics striptease DVD thanking me because their girls have learned how to give them amazing lapdances," she said.

However, men who rate their chances with Carmen better beware that she may sometimes gets to be rough with fellas if she fancies them.

"It was easier to beat them up than to tell them I thought they were hot. My finishing move was to throw them over my shoulder. And I can still do that today," she says. (ANI)