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Avril Lavigne laughs off her bygone grunge image

Updated: 2007-03-05 09:57

Washington: Rocker Avril Lavigne finds her bygone image of a grunge too amusing, and she now cringes thinking about the brat she was.

The Canadian rocker said that as young girl, she was a tomboy who used to indulge in quarrels quite often, and move around with guys. "When I look back now all I can think is, 'God, I was such a s**t'. I was such a tomboy, running around, getting in fights, and hanging out with guys," Contactmusic quoted her, as saying. Lavigne added that in all personal interviews, she used to answer questions in a disgruntled manner.

"In all my interviews I would have my head down and moodily just grunt an answer," she said. 22-year-old also said that she now laughs off her past, and that she realises how matured she has become. Lavigne added that the tomboy image was anyways her chic then. "I look back and laugh now as I realise how much I've grown up. But that was my style back then, that was me," she added. (ANI)