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Studios "gun-shy" of hiring Katie Holmes after marriage

Updated: 2007-01-30 09:08
Katie Holmes is reportedly keen to get back to work after her career break to have daughter Suri and marry Tom Cruise but is finding it harder than she thought to get back into the business.

Katie was expected to earn around $2million to reprise her role of Rachel Dawes in the next film in the Batman series but she reportedly couldn't strike a deal with the filmmakers because of "scheduling conflicts". According to Us Weekly, she'll now make a comedy Mad Money instead - for just $250,000.

An inside source told the Wall Street Journal that Katie's tabloid role as Mrs Tom Cruise may be off-putting: "Studios may be gun-shy of her new status as a tabloid fixture."

"And her expectations may be raised as the new Mrs Cruise. Stars of much bigger stature, including Meg Ryan and Demi Moore, have found it tough to regain their momentum after taking time off."