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Bob Dylan seeks 'Factory Girl' movie ban

Updated: 2006-12-19 08:51
Bob Dylan is trying to prevent the release of Sienna Miller's new movie Factory Girl as he believes a character in the film may constitute defamation.

The movie reportedly blames a character named Danny Quinn - who supposedly represents Dylan - for being responsible for driving a young woman to suicide by ending their relationship.

Dylan's attorney Orin Snyder clarified his client's stance to the filmmakers: "You appear to be laboring under the misunderstanding that merely changing the name of a character or making him a purported fictional composite will immunize you from suit. That is not so. Even though Mr. Dylan's name is not used, the portrayal remains both defamatory and a violation of Mr. Dylan's right of publicity. Until we are given an opportunity to view the film, we hereby demand that all distribution and screenings... immediately be ceased."