Beyonce refuses to work with alligator
(Bang! Showbiz)
Updated: 2006-08-01 16:38

Beyonce Knowles wouldn't pose with an alligator for her new album cover unless it had its mouth taped shut.

The singer had to stand in an alligator-invested swamp, just outside of New Orleans, holding one of the killer reptiles for the artwork for her new LP B'Day.

Despite reassurances from trainers the animal was safe, Beyonce insisted on some extra safety precautions.

She told Arena magazine: "There was a shot where I held an alligator. It had its mouth taped - that was my bright idea.

"The first alligator they went and got was 13 feet long. They were like, 'He's fine. He just ate.' But then I saw his trainer who had stitches and a bloody head. I said 'No thank you, we'll just have to do it in production.' "But I did hold a baby one."

Despite her fears, the 24-year-old star admits it was actually her who ended up scaring the small gator.

Beyonce claims it was so frightened it wet itself.

She explained: "He was really cute, but since his mouth was taped he didn't have any way to defend himself. He was upset so he peed on me. That was an experience!"


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