Kidman, Urban plan Fiji honeymoon

2006-05-19 11:34
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Kidman, Urban plan Fiji honeymoon

Kidman, Urban plan Fiji honeymoon

Australian power couple Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are reportedly heading to Fiji for a week-long honeymoon next month.

According to Life & Style Weekly, Kidman and Urban will have a traditional Catholic wedding in Australia mid next month.

The details of the wedding are trickling out from the magazine as well.

"Nicole’s wedding will be the polar opposite of whatever Tom Cruise is cooking up," a close friend" of Kidman told the magazine.

"She has no desire for anything remotely fancy."

Its being reported that Kidman’s adopted daughter Isabella and sister Antonia will be maids of honor and Keith’s brother Shane, will reportedly serve as best man.

The bride and groom are asking that money be donated to charity in lieu of gifts.

Kidman has been a regular visitor to the exclusive Wakaya Island Resort.