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Poetry recital gala celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival

Updated: 2014-09-09 14:56 (chinaculture.org)

Poetry recital gala celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival

Gong Linna performs during the poetry recital gala as a celebration of the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. [Photo/cul.sohu.com]

A poetry recital gala was held to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival starting from Sept 3 hosted by the State Internet Information Office and organized by Sohu. The gala presented classic poetry depicting the Mid-Autumn Festival and the moon, through chanting, reading, singing and dancing. It sought to showcase the charm of brilliant Chinese traditional culture.

The gala was divided into three parts, the first introducing the origin and customs of Mid-Autumn Festival. The second part recommended ancient poetry and classic articles on the festival, and the third part presented celebrities chanting poetry about the festival. Artist Gong Linna; writers Wang Meng, Liu Zhenyun and Zhang Yueran; poet Zhang Zhihao; scholar Sa Su and other literati attended the gala and recited poetry for audiences.

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