She's got dreams for the small screen

By Xinhua in London ( China Daily ) Updated: 2014-05-28 06:58:38

She's got dreams for the small screen
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She's got dreams for the small screen
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She decided to forge ahead with her plan to write a TV drama despite her husband's opposition. She completed the first script of the drama, Yezi's Arranged Marriage, in fall 2010.

Liu then planned the shoot and persuaded her husband to support her. They spent all of their savings, some 100,000 yuan, to buy a camera, computers and other equipment. Fellow villagers were invited to volunteer as actors or actresses.

But filming was halted when they were only half finished. Actors quit because they received no pay or had busy farming schedules.

Liu, however, persisted, and worked hard to improve the script. With the guidance of the president of the Lanzhou Film Studio, Liu's script was published as a book in February.

Liu says she is grateful to her husband, who has given her great support despite their initial disagreement. The couple raise 24 dairy cows, which brings them an income of 3,000 to 4000 yuan a month.

Liu says she has just finished writing a movie script, The Story of Liu Xuemei's Dream, which is also based on her own experience.

"I hope famous directors will approach me to discuss shooting a TV drama or movie soon," says Liu.

She adds that a photographer from Shanghai has offered to help to find directors and investors.

"I believe the dream will come true in the end," says Niu Gonghe, a villager who had a role in the unfinished drama.

"To shoot a TV drama is not only a dream of Liu's, but also mine and my fellow villagers. We look forward to realizing the dream as soon as possible."

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