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US President and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Barack Obama receives his medal and certificate from Nobel Committee Chairman Thorbjorn Jagland in Oslo yesterday. Obama acknowledged the controversy over the choice of a wartime president and said he reserved the right to take action to protect the US.    AP

Housing prices go on rising

The cost of the average home in China rose by 5.7 percent year-on-year in November, continuing an escalation that pundits think could carry into next year, despite new policies from the State Council aimed at reining in speculative deals.

Pianist sets peaceful mood in Oslo

Demolition regulation 'contradicts the law'

3 suspects seized for tainted milk

Nation rolls out steel tax on US

Central Asian visit to enhance security

Vice-president to kick off nine-day Asia circuit in Japan

China Scene

Screen test

China may be the largest producer of TV shows globally with 40 episodes on average being produced each day, but these programs, unlike other "Made in China" products, have yet to gain popularity outside the country.

Media houses scout for global tie-ups


Qualitative change is necessary

The Chinese government launched a large-scale, multi-layer economic stimulus package late last year in a bid to counter the emerging economic slowdown against the backdrop of the global financial crisis.


Realism in Copenhagen

Legal property rights

Letters and Blogs

Keeping a Chinese tradition safe and alive


Protect the disadvantaged at any cost

A country cannot rise if its people do not. Just like Adam Smith said, if a large part of a country's population is in the plight of poverty, the country can hardly be powerful and prosperous.

Let's keep on hold our dirge on the West

Homeowners must get more legal power

Let judiciary decidede molition cases

Climate Change

China's climate envoy asks rich countries to do 'soul searching'

COPENHAGEN: China's climate ambassador cited a six-word Chinese idiom three times at a press conference yesterday to ask developed countries to honor their commitment to assist developing nations fight global warming.

Expert says China's carbon plan is binding

Danish capital is a 24/7 scene of energetic efficiency

Climate lesson, swim lesson

"I have a way" to unlock climate finance: Soros

Couple puts their minds together over climate issues

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US leader receives Nobel peace prize

OSLO: US President Barack Obama evoked the cause of a just war yesterday, accepting his Nobel Peace Prize just nine days after sending 30,000 more US troops to war in Afghanistan but promising to use the prestigious prize to "reach for the world that ought to be".

Filipino gunmen abduct 75, mostly kids

DPRK returns to talks: Envoy

India decides to carve new state after protest

Americans held in Pakistan 'wanted to join jihad': Police

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