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Air pollution not reason for foreigners to leave

Updated: 2013-10-02 10:33

What do you think of the exodus of expats? Is air pollution really the most important reason for them to consider leaving? Does all this really suggest that China is losing its attractiveness?

I think it is one of the reasons people will consider, as they make their decisions on where to live. Depending on what attracts them to China and their desire to live in cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen it may play a more important role. However there are places in China like Xiamen where the pollution is not that much worse than similar cities around the world. For me the main reason I will leave China is that I cannot get a work permit. Even though my experience is recognized in some Countries and Companies as equivalent to or greater than 5 years’ experience and a University degree, China does not, but that is a separate issue. There are many opportunities throughout China that I would pursue and I am sure that the pollution levels in some regions are not a problem. Yes this does impact China’s attractiveness as a tourist destination. Some will avoid and other people like me will just plan around it. From my point of view it is more important for the people that live there and their future health (enjoyment of life and health costs for them.)

What are the impacts of China’s air pollution on other countries? Will it hurt China’s global image?

Well pollution knows no borders. Depending on which way air currents blow the pollution can be blown into or out of neighboring countries. Like the Great Lakes area in North America the pollution from industrial centers like Detroit and Chicago will low in to cities and cottage country areas in Canadian provinces of Ontario and Manitoba. Likewise the pollution from heavy industrialized areas like Hamilton Ontario will blow in to the northwest part of New York State. Canadian Provinces and USA States often meet to discuss pollution and to take action to clean it up and prevent or reduce future pollution.


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