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  • Sound of Sorrow

    2010-08-18 10:58

    The cuoqin dates back 4,000 years but would have largely been forgotten today except for the efforts of one man.

  • Beijingers: A Peking Opera fan

    2010-08-18 10:58

    Instead of a traditional art only old men like, Peking Opera is becoming a hobby for young men and women these days.

  • Guozhuang bonfire dance in Tibet

    2010-08-18 10:58

    Guozhuang village is in Qamdo Prefecture, in the east part of Tibet autonomous region. Guozhuang's bonfire dance is the most famous folk dance in Tibet.

  • China's Globe Theater

    2010-08-18 10:57

    Amid the hustle and bustle of downtown southern Beijing sits a hide away oasis Huguang Huiguan. In its original day 2 centuries earlier, it also served as a respite for visitors, coming from Hunan and Hubei

  • Children carry on Dong musical tradition

    2010-08-18 10:58

  • Kunqu Opera:The Peony Pavilion

    2010-08-18 10:58

    The Peony Pavilion is a romantic masterpiece in the Chinese opera history. In 2004, Bai Xianyong planned, created and rehearsed the youth version of The Peony Pavilion.

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