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A glance at Qilian Mountain

Updated: 2013-08-14 10:34

The Qilian Mountain is a northern outlier of the Kunlun Mountains, forming the border between the Qinghai and the Gansu provinces of northern China. The range stretches from the south of Dunhuang some 800 km to the southeast, forming the northeastern escarpment of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the southwestern border of the Gansu Corridor.

The mountain is at an altitude between 4000 and 5000 meters above sea level in average. The long and wide ice glacier terrain formed by the accumulated snow is spectacular. The so-called "it snows in June in Qilian Mountain" is the portrayal of the climates and its natural landscape.

In the virgin forest area of Qilian Mountain, there are 157,000 hectares of forest resources, composing a large forest area in Qinghai province. There are trees like spruces, Sabina chinensis, poplars and bushes like hippophae rhamnoides and hawkweeds. In the thick forests, crowds of deer could be seen running and wandering around. The atmosphere in the mountain is wild and the environment is graceful.

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