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"Kengdie" daughter responds to human-flesh search results

(CRI) Updated: 2014-07-16 09:29

A netizen, who had been found to be owning many properties, has denied that her father is a high-ranking official, reports.

The netizen "pangjiaqiao" published a post on July 11 in a section of Tsinghua Shuimu BBS, China's hottest campus BBS, praising her father for remaining "incorruptible" and "clean-handed" at an important government position.

However, a "human-flesh search", meaning thousands of netizens piece together details of a person's life and then publish them online, showed that she owned two houses near Beijing's 3rd Ring Road, and 10 houses in her hometown Shenyang, capital of northeast China's Liaoning Province.

People wondered how she could buy so many houses at her relatively low salary of 5000 yuan per month. And search results showed that her father was a member of the Liaoning Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference, the local political advisory body.

Many netizens called "pangjiaqiao" as the most "Kengdie" daughter, which means she has put her father in a troublesome situation, and a netizen said he had already reported this official to the local discipline inspection commission.

The story soon went viral on social media, getting almost 11,000 comments and read nearly 5 million times on Sina Weibo until 10 p.m. on Monday. Netizens can find more than 7 million results about "Shuimu Kengdie Daughter" on Baidu search engine.

During an interview with Nandu Daily, the netizen surnamed Fang said that her two houses in Beijing were purchased by her and her husband's parents, and they earned more money by making investments and financing, which was legal and unquestionable.

However her former post last November revealed that all her family members were ordinary citizens who just depended on salary, and bought houses at low prices and sell them when the price rose.

Fang also refused to tell the area, price and number of her houses in Beijing, and refused to respond to her alleged ownership of 10 houses in her hometown.

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