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Commission: Drug use spreading among Beijing youth

By CAO YIN ( Updated: 2014-06-18 18:53

The Beijing drug control commission said on Wednesday that drug use is spreading among young people in the city.

By May, 25,000 residents were registered as drug addicts in Beijing, of whom 5,124 started taking drugs in the past three years, according to statistics issued by the commission.

Jiang Liangdong, deputy director of the authority, said drugs affect youth across the city, adding that more than 73 percent of registered drug addicts in 2013 were aged younger than 35.

Jiang said the major task is to prevent youngsters from taking drugs, and suggested educational authorities develop summer camps and painting competitions to promote drug avoidance.

Combating drug use must take place in grassroots communities, including schools, villages and factories, he said.

"We also created cartoons and dramas on how to keep away from drugs, while information on drug avoidance has been posted on our Wechat account, an instant messaging tool, and included in TV programs," he added.

Miao Shengming, the deputy chief procurator of Beijing's top procuratorate, shared the latest statistics on drug crimes at a press conference on Wednesday.

The city's prosecutors handled 1,362 drug cases last year involving 1,614 people, of whom 1,424 were approved for arrest.

The two officials said they hope to improve awareness on drug avoidance among people, especially youths, in the lead up to International Day against Drug Abuse, which falls on June 26.

At the end of May, Beijing Chaoyang District People's Court sentenced Li Daimo, a musician who became famous on a singing talent show, to nine months imprisonment for inviting and allowing others to use drugs at his apartment.

Li was also fined 2,000 yuan ($320).

Commission: Drug use spreading among Beijing youth
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Commission: Drug use spreading among Beijing youth

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