Visit will 'carry forward our traditional friendship': Xi


President Xi Jinping gave a joint written interview to media from Indonesia and Malaysia on bilateral ties.

Strategic considerations important in mutual ties


President Xi Jinping's state visit to Indonesia comes as strategic considerations between Beijing and Jakarta are on the rise.

President Xi meets Indonesian counterpart on ties


Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Indonesian counterpart Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono met in Jakarta Wednesday on bilateral relations.
Xi arrives in Jakarta for state visit Special
Xi to address APEC summit on China's reform 

Slide: This is Indonesia


Slide: This is Indonesia

New Sino-US ties sought


Foreign Minister Wang Yi said China and the US must prioritize their cooperation in Asia-Pacific affairs and build a new type of "major-country" ties.
Imbalance seen in Sino-US talent exchanges
Innovation key to new US-China relations

China to stick to peaceful development


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Friday reaffirmed China's commitment to pursuing peaceful development, dispersing concerns that a stronger and more prosperous China might seek hegemony.
Greater voice of developing countries
China to advance sustainable development
China to firmly fulfill intl obligations
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Beijing backs truce bid in Syria


China supports Russia's proposal that Syria hand over its chemical weapons to international control for their eventual destruction, President Xi Jinping said.

Ties with Kyrgyzstan upgraded


China and Kyrgyzstan agreed on Wednesday to upgrade their ties to a strategic partnership and also to increase cooperation on security issues.
China, Kyrgyzstan agree on security cooperation
Student's rare blood bonds Kazakhstan and China
Comment: SCO shows the Shanghai Spirit

Student's rare blood bonds Kazakhstan and China


Tulenov Ruslan, a Kazakh who first came to China in 2008 when he was 16, never thought that he and his rare blood type would become symbols of friendship between China and his mother country.


President Xi visits Indonesia, Malaysia, attend APEC summit

Oct 2 to 3: Pay State Visit to Indonesia

Oct 4 to 5: Pay State Visit to Malaysia

Oct 6 to 8: Attend the 21st economic leaders' meeting of APEC forum and meet with global leaders in Bali, Indonesia


China's growth to benefit the world

With the US in a declining mode, the world needs a steadier China.

Thoughts after hearing Xi's speech

I was very happy to see that Xi Jinping did focus on trade and on the importance of Asia Pacific trade being cooperative and inclusive.