Thoughts after hearing Xi's speech

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Updated: 2013-10-08

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I was very interested to hear the speech of Xi Jinping today at the 2013 APEC Economic Cooperation Summit in Indonesia. As a citizen of the Asia Pacific family I consider our superpower China to be our true leader and I hoped that Xi Jinping would speak about the ongoing TPP trade agreement negotiations and stress how important it is that China, as the engine of the Asia Pacific, be included in any and all trade agreements in the Asia Pacific.

I was very happy to see that Xi Jinping did focus on trade and on the importance of Asia Pacific trade being cooperative and inclusive. "China cannot develop in isolation of the Asia-Pacific and the Asia-Pacific cannot prosper without China," Mr Xi said. I have heard the CPC say in the past that isolationism is a dead end street and I agree. The initial TPP trade negotiations did not include China and would have been a dead end road for a nation like Australia to agree to. Any regional trade agreement that Australia enters into must include China. Every Australian knows how important China is to the future of Australians. I am interested in the trade agreement that China is putting together. China seems to be the leader of genuine win-win free trade that comes with no political strings.

I also liked what Russian leader Vladimir Putin had to say at the APEC Summit. I am a State Capitalist and I was very happy to hear an important world leader speak about the importance of the State and the private sector working together. Western thinking puts too much burden on the private sector. Social gains should always be made alongside economic gain and the State must play a role to ensure that this takes place. In my opinion a more State Capitalist way of thinking needs to be considered by governments and world leaders to help take the burden off of the private sector. I agree with what Putin had to say. The role of the State must increase.

I was also happy to hear Xi Jinping speak about the importance of maintaining peace. The Asia Pacific has always been a very calm and peaceful region of the world. China has proven to be a nation that always seeks sensible dilpomatic solutions to conflict. As an Australian I feel safe knowing that the Asia Pacific has our own superpower to protect the region. I think cooperation between the Australian military and the Chinese military must increase and the entire region should form an Asia Pacific defense alliance. "China will firmly uphold regional peace and stability," Xi Jinping said "Without peace, development is out of the question, like water without a source or a tree without roots."

The Asia Pacific does not need US taxpayer wasting taxpayer money on US Military in the Asia Pacific. We have our own military and our own superpower in China. It was sad to see that US President Obama could not afford to attend the APEC Summit. The US Government shutdown is now entering a second week. One area that Obama needs to cut is US Defense spending. It is clear that the USA cannot afford to keep US military personnel and equipment in the Asia Pacific region. As a major economy it is important that the USA is included in the Asian Century so the USA needs to address their structural debt problems.

The Asia Pacific family is the most resilient region in the world. The dynamic Asia Pacific will drive the Asian Century through economic responsibility. It is important that all members of the Asia Pacific family encourage the USA to agree to a Federal Budget and to get their structural debt problems under control. I think we would all like to see the USA get back on its feet so that Obama can attend the important APEC Economic Cooperation Summit next year.


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Thoughts after hearing Xi's speech

I was very happy to see that Xi Jinping did focus on trade and on the importance of Asia Pacific trade being cooperative and inclusive.