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  • Tale of desperation turns to one of hope

    2013-05-03 01:55

    For many residents, the quake has claimed everything, including the lives of their loved ones. However, no matter how difficult their lives had become, I rarely detected much grief or despair during my trip.

  • Hope springs eternal in the hearts of quake victims

    2013-04-27 01:57

    Wait and hope. These two words deeply impressed me 14 years ago when I first read Alexandre Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo. I was in my fifth year at high school and had never witnessed any disasters or tragedies.

  • Lots of kindness amid the chaos in the quake zone

    2013-04-26 02:03

    As a frontline reporter who came to Lushan county immediately after the magnitude-7 earthquake on April 20, I have met lots of kindhearted people and witnessed many moving deeds.

  • In a disaster area, work should always come first

    2013-04-25 02:22

    Knowing I am covering the earthquake in the epicenter, a lot of friends have shown deep concerns for me, and I really appreciate that.

  • When a helping hand is more of a hindrance

    2013-04-23 02:00

    I think it is my duty to be here, to tell people the facts and to report on the rescue efforts made by everyone. But being professional is even more important, and that applies to reporters and volunteers.

  • Journey to the epicenter slowed by obstacles

    2013-04-22 07:15

    From the moment I set off for Lushan county, Ya'an, Sichuan province, all I could think of for the next 12 hours was how to get to the epicenter as soon as possible.

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