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Party chiefs spearhead ‘mass line’ campaign

Updated: 2013-09-26 11:42

Party chiefs in many provinces are actively engaging in a variety of activities to spearhead the ongoing "mass line" campaign launched by President Xi Jinping, according to the Overseas Edition of People's Daily, the Party's flagship newspaper.

The campaign launched in June aims to strengthen the Party's ties with the people as well as clean up decadent work styles, including formalities, bureaucracy, hedonism and extravagance.

In Hunan province, Party Chief Xu Shousheng declined a special office reserved for him by the People's Congresses of the province, and returned an SUV designated to him for visits to rural areas.

Privileged car plates that were in use for 12 years for provincial governmental departments in Hainan province were also abolished to heed calls from the public. Similar moves in car plate registration were also taken in Jilin and Anhui provinces.

Party chiefs Guo Gengmao of Henan province, Luo Zhijun of Jiangsu province, and Qin Guangrong of Yunnan province all personally motivated Party members to learn from role models past and present amid efforts to improve work styles.

Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, led by Party Chief Peng Qinghua, emphasized addressing the concerns from the general public, including administrative omission, indifference to ordinary people’s grievances, and hedonism.

Party chiefs Luo Huining of Qinghai province, Guo Jinlong of Beijing, Sun Chunlan of Tianjin, Zhao Kezhi of Guizhou province, and Jiang Yikang of Shandong province all conducted research about issues such as employment, medical care, and poverty alleviation at the grassroots level.

Party chiefs in other provinces also are implementing the “mass line” spirit according to their own specific environment. Zhao Zhengyong of Shanxi province conducted an intensive investigation about township government functions as well as migrant workers' life in the province’s Yushan township. For Xia Baolong of Zhejiang province, he focused more on water quality and environmental protection.

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