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Company only wants workers from rural areas

Updated: 2013-12-13 15:27
By Luo Wangshu in Chongqing (

A recruitment notice by a sales company in Chongqing stirred up heated debate by requesting that only people from rural areas can apply.

"We are targeting people who have sales experience and come from rural areas", the recruitment notice read.

Cao Yeping, human resources manager of the company, told Chongqing Economic Times that their company aims to provide more opportunities to people from rural areas.

She also said that 60 percent of the company's current staff members are from rural area.

The company head, surnamed Ma, said sales jobs are challenging and require hard workers.

Ma said employees from rural areas work harder than the ones from urban areas.

The recruitment notice elicited strong reaction.

Cao Min, a student in Chongqing, said job applicants should be treated the same regardless of where they are from.

Tang Fenggang works at 51 jobs, an online recruitment website, said employee performance in the sales sector requires good communication skills and these are more important than origins.

Yang Jun, a Chongqing lawyer, said companies are allowed to establish their own recruitment requirements.