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Shanghai faces aging issues as it expands

Updated: 2013-12-11 16:40
By WANG HONGYI in Shanghai (

Shanghai's population is expected to reach 30 million by 2030, with 7.85 million aged 60 or above, according to a recent report.

The figures were released by the Institute for City and Population Development under the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences on Wednesday, Shanghai Morning Post reported.

The city's population of those who have lived in the city for more than six months has doubled over the past two decades. The city had a population of 23.47 million in 2011, up from 11.86 million in 1982.

The population will continue to grow in the future, experts said.

Experts also said the city is facing significant aging issues.

The 7.85 million residents aged 60 or above expected in 2030 is more than double the number on 2010.

In 2010, the city had 588,000 residents aged 80 or above. That age sector is expected to increase to 1.1 million by 2030.

The report also said the average lifespan of male residents in 2030 will be 85.39, and 89.93 for females.

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