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Navy destroyer Haikou returns to duty after refit

Updated: 2013-12-06 11:27
By Jin Haixing ( China Daily)

Navy destroyer <EM>Haikou</EM> returns to duty after refit

The PLA navy destroyer Haikou has undertaken more than 30 missions since the vessel was commissioned in 2005. Provided to China Daily

The destroyer Haikou, one of the most advanced warships in the People's Liberation Army navy, will be ready for duty this month after a 10-month maintenance period.

The Type 052C-class destroyer underwent the routine maintenance period scheduled for every 10 years of the ship's life, with work conducted at a military port in Guangdong province, according to authorities.

Construction on the ship started in 2002, and in 2005, it entered service in the South Sea Fleet, based in Guangdong province.

The maintenance included checking major components of the ship and repainting the main internal and external areas, said Li Hui, the ship's captain.

The ship's sailors and officers worked hard to ensure the combat readiness of the ship after maintenance was completed.

Wang Dong, a technician working on the Haikou, said many sailors worked in the shipyard that performed the maintenance and learned repair skills there that may be useful at sea. The idea was to prepare sailors to make emergency repairs when necessary, reducing the chances of the ship being out of action for long periods at sea.

Over the 10-month maintenance, the Haikou's crew continued to take part in various training operations. More than 100 sailors and officers participated in different missions, such as a joint Chinese-Russian military drill in July, Li said.

"The ship is ready for any mission now that the repair work is finished," Li said.

The ship's crew of 277, 16 of whom are women, receives training that simulates "real combat" environments, according to the ship's publicity officer.

The Haikou spends 280 days a year in "voyage training" at sea. Since it was commissioned in 2005, the ship has undertaken more than 30 missions, said Wu Chao, a publicity official for the PLA navy.

The Haikou is a successful example of PLA navy's performance at sea and combat capabilities, Wu said.

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