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Society need more tolerance of gender diversity

Updated: 2013-12-03 16:37
By YU RAN in Shanghai (

A recent online survey of 2,161 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender respondents in China showed only 6 percent are totally open about their sexual orientation while 47 percent hide it completely.

The survey, carried out by Community Business between January and April, also found that, despite significant changes in social attitudes toward LGBT individuals, sexual orientation and gender identity remain sensitive subjects in society and, even more so, in the workplace.

Community Business, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia, has launched LGBT research in China to make employers aware of the importance of creating a more diverse working environment for all groups of people.

The research finds that as there is an assumption of heterosexuality in the country — few people are openly gay and there is enormous family pressure to get married and maintain the family line — it is particularly essential to help LGBT individuals.

"The need for companies to distinguish themselves as industry leaders means that there is an increasing need for driving innovation, diversity of thought and better corporate governance," said Amanda Yik, senior program manager of Community Business Limited.

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