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China loosens requirements for private pilot licenses

Updated: 2013-11-26 23:31
( Xinhua)

BEIJING - The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) announced on Tuesday that it will ease requirements for gaining a private pilot license (PPL), a move that should allow more Chinese to fulfill their flying dreams.

The requirements on theory tests, practice tests as well as physical examinations will be loosened for those applying for a PPL, with previous standards almost as high as those for acquiring commercial pilot licenses, according to the CAAC statement.

Under the new regulation, Chinese citizens aged 17 or above and with at least junior high school education, will be eligible to apply for a PPL, which is only applicable for the flying of non-profit aircraft.

After they receive a certified report of their physical fitness, they will also have to go through 40 hours of theoretical studies and another 40 hours of flying training before they sit relevant tests. Passing the tests will win them a PPL, the statement said.

It added that those who have obtained a PPL can also become professional pilots by acquiring a commercial pilot license, but that will be based on their flying time as a private pilot and need higher levels of flying training.

The CAAC said that the change is made in accordance with improvements in Chinese people's daily lives that have witnessed an increasing demand for private aircraft for personal or entertainment purposes.

The statement added that the new regulation will also help boost the nation's civil aviation industry and create more professional pilots.

The previous regulation concerning the acquisition of pilot licenses in China was released in 1996.

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