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Emergency medical services available to all

Updated: 2013-11-26 19:57
By Shan Juan (

China's top health authorities have issued rules and guidelines to assure people in need of emergency medical care of timely and proper life-saving services regardless of their economic status.

Acute conditions such as breathing difficulty, shock, vomiting blood, burns and electric shock must be taken care of immediately by medical workers or first aid professionals in a timely and proper manner, said the document publicized by the National Health and Family Planning Commission on Monday.

Procedures including hospital referrals and ambulance dispatch are also detailed to regulate and standardize practices.

“Patients suffering the mentioned conditions must not be denied medical help with any excuses,” the document read.

In March, the State Council said in a guideline that China would set up special funds to subsidize emergency medical fees incurred by the poor and patients whose identities are unclear.

The funds would be used to cover emergency medical treatments for acute illnesses or serious injuries among the poor and patients whose identities have not been confirmed, according to the guideline.

However, it was not clear then who would qualify for such financial assistance.

In response, the commission introduced this latest document to better guide implementation of the State Council guideline and regulate practices by medical and first aid professionals.

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